Buildings + People = Community


In each community developed by TREK, a supportive service program is developed to enhance the quality of life of residents.   Strategic partnerships with community service providers, significant investments in service personnel and commitment to a resident driven self-determinant philosophy forms the backbone of the service package.  Services include:

  • Financial Management
  • Computer Classes
  • Socialization and Cultural Programming
  • Fitness Services
  • Child Care Providers
  • Case Management
  • Health Services
  • Transportation
  • On-staff Psychologist
  • More

Trek Development considers community engagement to be paramount when developing successful, integrated communities. Trek often reaches out to active community groups and community leaders in order to ensure strong community input and coordination during the design and development process.

TREK Development Group is currently engaged with the Triple Aim Impact Consultation Group which is a joint venture between the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities at Case Western Reserve University and Trusted Space Partners. Together, they help cities, housing authorities, private developers and local leaders promote more successful mixed-income transformation. The Triple Aim Impact focuses on community transformation, individual transformation and the operating efficiency of mixed-income developments. Their practices create opportunities for the entire community to work together across lines of difference.