Building Partnerships …Drilling Down Locally

Since 1991, TREK Development Group has been distinguished as a real estate development firm specializing in building innovative and sustainable communities.

TREK works with community, financial and development partners to plan projects that reflect the history, character and values of the community.  TREK does not dictate outcomes to community partners, but seeks collaboration.

Focus and Follow-through

The TREK team has built a large portfolio of residential and commercial development projects focused on sustainability and value for lenders, investors, residents and communities. TREK has transformed historic neighborhoods afflicted by decades of disinvestment and decline.

TREK delivers a top quality product on time and on budget. And remains actively involved in its operation and management after  a project is complete.

Its current portfolio maintains occupancy rates of 98%, with success attributed to quality site selection, professional management, and excellence in construction and design.

Experience, Integrity and Vision

TREK has extensive experience working with complex financial structures in conventional capital markets as well as public/private partnerships. Projects are developed with long-term ownership in mind with a commitment to executing energy efficient and sustainable solutions to real estate development challenges.